Bramalta is a company for designers.  As technology is making products that were once considered the hallmark of the design professional available to everyone, Bramalta was created to counter this "commoditization" in the design industry.  With a fresh take on traditional patterns from diverse cultures Bramalta's designs are easily personalized with quick turnarounds and low minimums through the harnessing of new technology. Bramalta offers the design professional the ability to distinguish their work and allow them to offer clients the ultimate luxury - a highly personalized environment.   

While the patterns can be ordered as shown, Bramalta is unique because the designs also have 3 easily changeable features: Cloth, Color and Scale.  With 5 different grounds in linen, cotton and blends and over 3,000 standard colors, designers can make Bramalta their own private design resource.  The scale of a design can also be easily changed to create coordinates to fit any project.  Bramalta is only limited by a designer's creativity.